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Scholarships award ceremony of the “Inbar and Tali Fund”, Tel Aviv University

Inbar Attiya and Tali Gordon were close friends who both studied at Tel Aviv University.


Inbar finished her first year and began her second year at the Hebrew Language and Literature Department. Tali was a graduate student in the Faculty of Social Sciences’ Political Communication program. The tragic death of the two young students, Tali and Inbar, in the terror attack at Dizengoff Center on the eve of Purim 1996, shocked many Jews in the USA and around the world, including US and North American Friends of Tel Aviv University. In cooperation with the heads of the University, they decided to collect donations in their communities, in order to establish a scholarship fund to commemorate Tali and Inbar – friends who remained together in death.


The Inbar Attiya and Tali Gordon Scholarship Fund was established in May 1977 in a moving and impressive ceremony within the framework of the annual convention of Tel Aviv University’s Board of Trustees. It operates as one of the University’s funds. Each year, in a ceremony held jointly by the two faculties in which Tali and Inbar studied, outstanding students from both faculties are awarded scholarships in commemoration of the fallen students. The ceremony is attended by the awarded students’ families, University faculty, and Attiya and Gordon family members and friends. The University’s Center for the Media of the Jewish People is responsible for organizing and leading the event.


The Deans of the two faculties speak at the ceremony, and a guest speaker gives a speech as well.


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