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On the eve of Purim, March 4, 1996, Inbar was walking the streets of Tel Aviv with her friend,

Tali Gordon.

It was almost 16:00 when a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device that he was carrying in a bag, at the pedestrian crossing on the corner of Dizengoff St. and King George St., at the entrance to the shopping mall and entertainment center Lev Dizengoff.

Thirteen people were killed in the attack, and about 100 injured.  Inbar and her friend Tali were among those killed.

Inbar was the daughter of Hermona and Yaacov (Ika) Attiya, and sister to Orit and Assaf.

She was born on July 3, 1973 in Ramat Efal, where she spent her kindergarten and elementary school years. She then went to high school in Yehud. When the time came for Inbar to join the IDF, it was only natural for her to serve in the Intelligence Corp, where she was recognized as an outstanding soldier.  After completing her military service, she embarked on a long trip to the Far East, and continued to the USA with a friend. Inbar then returned to Israel to begin her academic studies at Tel Aviv University, in the Hebrew Literature Department.Inbar died at the age of 22. 

She was laid to rest in the cemetery at Kiryat Shaul.Inbar Fund, a scholarship fund, was established in her name posthumously.


Inbar Attiya RIP –

July 3, 1973 – March 4, 1996

Inbar Fund –

               facing terrorism

Inbar Fund was established to commemorate Inbar Attiya,

a victim of terrorism. Inbar was murdered in a suicide bombing attack in the heart of Tel Aviv (at Dizengoff Center) on March 4, 1996, by a terrorist from Gaza. The Fund was established under the auspices of the Israel Intelligence' Heritage & Commemoration Center -IICC in 1996.  It awards scholarships and prizes for written and published papers and research dealing with terrorism, and for outstanding deeds. It aims to encourage and cultivate the study, research and activities that support coping with terrorism. The scholarships are intended for high school and higher education students, researchers and members of the security community in the past and present, who are involved in activities that are in the spirit of the Fund’s goals.Each year in the month of March, the Fund holds an annual event with numerous participants and invitees to commemorate Inbar in a manner that best serves her memory. At the event, scholarships and prizes are awarded to enterprises that were deemed worthy by the panel of judges, who are all experts in security and in research.

Each year a different panel is selected to recommend the winners for that year.


קרן ענבר, ענבר עטיה
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